February, 2016

Shimano Sora R300

Shimano’s Sora groupset is the latest to have a make over, and it’s huge. Last year we saw an all new Tiagra launched...
By  February 29, 2016

Review: Etixx Triple Action Energy Gel

The flavour of gel i had been using was peach flavour. This partuclar gel is only avaiable in this flavour. I found it to be...
By  February 25, 2016

Have the cold mornings gone?!

With winter nearly over it seems the cold mornings have all but gone and have been replaced with the wet mornings instead. At...
By  February 22, 2016

Review: Etixx Revovery Shake

I’ve been trialling the Etixx Recovery shake for the past couple of weeks and i’m quite glad i have, it’s...
By  February 16, 2016

Prudential Ride London 100

So the Ballot results were released this week and i was lucky enough to have got a place among them! I can’t wait for it....
By  February 11, 2016

Campagnalo Khamsin Asymmetric

Review: Campagnalo Khamsin Asymmetric I was on a budget when buying these wheels to replace some Shimano wheels i had which had...
By  February 8, 2016

Remember when Sundays were for hangovers?

Once upon a time Sundays used to be a dedicated day for hangovers and hangovers only. However, this isn’t the case as such...
By  February 7, 2016

Winter commuting

Winter commuting is tough. In fact, commuting in general is always tough but commuting in winter takes that special kind of...
By  February 4, 2016