March, 2016

A ride in Snowdonia

With this weekend being a bank holiday weekend and for most this means having four days off work, although only three for me,...
By  March 28, 2016

I met Steve Cummings!

I had a nice little added bonus to my Sunday ride this weekend, if you haven’t guessed it already it was the pleasure of...
By  March 21, 2016

Video: Peter Sagan on Milan-San Remo.

The 2016 season properly kicks off this Saturday with Milan-San Remo taking place. Peter Sagan, one of the races favourites has...
By  March 18, 2016

Review: Etixx Isotonic Powder

The Etixx Isotonic powder is to be mixed with 500ml of water to get the best out of it and maintain a high level of performance....
By  March 17, 2016

Why you should use your local bike store

Why you should use your local bike store Bike shops are becoming hugely popular in recent years that they’re even starting...
By  March 7, 2016