About VeloBlog

VeloBlog is a cycling blog (yep, you guessed it!) written by passionate cyclist Brad. I built, manage and write all the posts for VeloBlog.
I’m just like most avid, non-professional cyclist – trying to fit in as┬ámany hours on the bike we can get away with around a busy work schedule and other commitments.
My aim is to bring you reviews of the latest cycling products and also up to date with the major news. All reviews and opinions i write will be from a riders perspective to provide honest feedback in hope you will find it of most use.

My experience comes with many hours and thousands of miles in the saddle. With that i’ve came across the do’s and don’ts of cyclist and also what things are good, bad and ugly. My riding currently consists mainly out on the road with a group and solo riding, Cyclocross and fair weather commuting. I like to save the ride to work for a sunny day! I ride a Giant Propel throughout the summer, and alternate between my Cannondale cross bike and Giant Defy over winter,┬ároute depending.