I don’t know a suitable title, I don’t even know¬†how to start this. I just thought to write about it to express...
By  May 30, 2018

An Epic Weekend

This weekend was brilliant for many reason. Good rides, blue skies and summer bikes. With each of us going to Mallorca in a...
By  February 19, 2018

It’s not about going fast. It’s about going far.

To me, this sums up my cycling 100%. I’m not into going out for a few hours on a weekend and smashing it to be home by...
By  November 7, 2017


24Bottles is an Italian born company started in 2013 with one mission in mind; unburdening the planet from disposable plastic...
By  October 27, 2017

Yorkshire Dales

This weekend I went to the Yorkshire Dales and it was my first time there so it was all new to me and something to look forward...
By  September 25, 2017

My longest ride

This weekend saw me complete my longest ride. It was only be a few miles but it still makes it my longest ride with 117 miles and...
By  September 4, 2017

#TCRNO5 with Grace Lambert-Smith

I caught up with Grace Lambert-Smith who took part in the the 5th edition of the TransContinental Race. For those who are unaware...
By  August 17, 2017

Lynn Brenig

This weekends adventure took me to Lynn Brenning in Wales. It was a long ride, with lots of hills and some great company. I knew...
By  July 17, 2017

Silent Odyssey – Faroe Islands by Bike, Kite and Kayak

All credit goes to If you ever need some motivation to get out on you bike, or go on adventure, then NorthSouth...
By  June 22, 2017

Mallorca 2017

This was the third annual visit to Mallorca for me and like always it was just awesome, but when you’re doing something you...
By  May 15, 2017