Blog: Accidents, injuries & disappointment

By  April 25, 2016

As you may know, cycling has its ups and downs and right now for me it’s at a low.
It’s not even a week until Mallorca and i’m quite concerned how I will get on.

It’s crazy how everything can change in just a second…

Two weeks ago i felt great, probably the fittest I’ve been. Cycling isn’t just about your physical ability it’s massively mental ability too. You need a ‘can do’ positive attitude to get anywhere close to being able to tackle a long climb and it’s as simple as that. If you go out with a good mindset you’ll get a good ride in an enjoy it.
At the time two weeks ago i had put in some massive rides and big climbs in the legs and it got me thinking “you know what, i am ready for this actually” and i was feeling confident for Mallorca.

I was doing a local evening ride to just get some easy miles in and soak up the sun, next thing you know a car pulls across into my lane to turn into a side road and we collided head on and i went over the bonnet and onto the floor. That’s the second when everything changed.

At the time i wasn’t in pain just shaken up but i knew that’s my confidence out the window for summer! My bike took a knock and i had to replace the wheels but to this day i still don’t know how i manged to ride home that day and not in the back of an ambulance.
Before i went to bed that night i could feel a pain in my back coming on and i knew it was going to be a heck of a lot worse the next morning, it was. It was quite stiff and any movement was little in my neck and back. Nothing felt broken as such but definitely just bruised after taking such a knock.
Two weeks later i haven’t put in anyway huge rides or hilly rides and i’m only just about sitting in the saddle comfortably.

As of recent i seem to have picked a hamstring injury up coming home from work one evening i could feel it when putting the slightest of power down.
The weekend just gone was my last before I go and I wanted test myself to see where I’m at with a decent ride in to make sure I’m ready so a lot of miles with a lot of hills. I planned to do a 100 miles with 5000ft of elevation out into Rhyl. Two miles in my hamstring started to play up, I can ride but only on a light gear, this was just massively frustrating and I had to turn the ride into a flat 60 miles.

I’ve been riding consistently and putting a lot of miles over the last year to get in good form for this trip and also putting in solid miles over the winter with having something to train for. Getting up at 6am on a cold, wet and windy morning in the winter for a bike ride takes dedication and it almost just seems like it’s all been for nothing.
I have a reasonable level of fitness still and I have still been riding so I’m certainly not going to be any less fit than I was so i’m praying that it’s just a phase for now and when i’m there in the sun, with a cracking group and the best roads possible then desire and motivation comes back and i’m in good form raring to go.
My plan now is to rest my back and hamstring with plenty of ice and stretching and just hope for the best but i’m not that confident in a short amount of time.

My worst case scenario is to still go away and drink beer in the sun, so not all bad right? Maybe easy solo rides at my pace also, but mainly beer and sun.