Campagnalo Khamsin Asymmetric

By  February 8, 2016

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Overall 9 / 10
Campagnalo Khamsin Asymmetric
February 8, 2016
I've gave these a 9/10 in terms of bang for buck. Of course there are definitely better wheels out there but will cost you £1000+. So in they're category they are getting a 9/10. Well done Campy.

Review: Campagnalo Khamsin Asymmetric

I was on a budget when buying these wheels to replace some Shimano wheels i had which had rand their course. These are Campagnalo entry level wheels at sub £200 but you do get a some performance level qualities with these hoops. I threw these onto my Giant Defy winter bike which had some ‘aero’ wheels which came with a high weight penalty. Wheels are said to be a huge upgrade to a bike and here are my thoughts on these Campy hoops.

The Khamsin’s are designed to be an upgrade from stock wheels and are said to be durable and long lasting at a reasonable weight and they’re exactly that, a pair comes in at just 1750g -fairly low at this price point and some 200g less than my other wheels, losing this much rotational mass you notice the difference but the lower weight wasn’t the only upgrade.

From a performance point of view they are a class above its competitors. I’ve had these a few weeks now and i’ve had no trouble with them other than getting the tyres on, that’s my only fault with them!  They’ve stayed as true as they came out of the box and given my ‘non-climber’ build riding on pothole beaten roads they have taken it well so far. They’re not sluggish either for the weight of them, i found them to accelerate reasonably well but they maintain really well at high speeds.
This helped by the straight head spokes and oversized flanege which gives maximum stiffness. Most importantly too they look the part with the ‘Mega-G3’ spoke pattern on the rear wheel. In addition to this the rim height is different for both wheels. The front wheel has a rim depth of 24mm and the rear comes in at 27.5mm – this helps transfer the power to the wheel.

A lot of the features used on these wheels have trickled down from Campag’s top wheel ranges, mainly the ‘Mega G3‘ spoke pattern: perfect balance of the spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel. Reduces road vibration, increases transversal rigidity and the transmission of power to the wheel.

As seen in the name these wheels are asymmetric, the rear rim profile allows for better balancing of spoke tensions between drive and non-drive side, giving better symmetry to an asymmetric component. Increased efficiency and reactivity is noticed.

It wasn’t until i was riding up a long gradual hill recently on a quiet morning and i thought to myself that that these wheels roll incredibly smooth and efficient. They’re next to silent when pedaling and soak up the road vibrations effortlessly with riding 28m  tyres.

I would really recommend having these wheels around even if they are just spare wheels. They’re cheap enough at around £150 (cheaper on sale) to have sitting around in case you have a problem with your best wheels then these can come in and step up to the job for the time being. Alternatively they could just be used as winter/training wheels as they’re bombproof.