Cross is boss

By  January 21, 2016


Well I’ve done it. I’ve cracked and gave in. I bought myself a cyclocross bike.

This seems to be the crave at the minute, but i think it may just be a crave which is necessary.


The thing which actually made me buy it was the freedom you have on it. Riding a bike gives you such a sense of freedom whilst only being limited to roads. Well this thing can top that – it doesn’t really have any boundaries to where it can and can’t go.

My first few rides on this have been short for now whilst my legs are recovering (well trying to) but i have purposely been going out looking for mud on it or any off road trail. It’s such an awesome yet weird feeling going off road on what is almost a road bike. I bloody love it! It’s different but so god damn cool. I can’t wait to properly go exploring on this!


I’ve not had the legs to put any real power down on it yet due to muscular fatigue but it does shift and at sub 10 kilos too its pretty light and the ride is great. You don’t have to be worrying about potholes or anything just riding and enjoying it. I was out this weekend and was on my way to watch the Tour of Britain and i got a little bored on the ride out so i turned back and went looking for some mud.

The simplicity and freedom is what i like best. It’s nice not being stuck to roads, some days you cannot be bothered with car drivers and being on full alert for other road users and this is where it comes in handy you can just go where ever the heck you want. Be it in a local country park, trails or even just a field. Different terrain ‘aint no problem for this!

And this ladies and gents, is why – Cross is boss.