I became a Brand Ambassador!

By  March 8, 2017

Isn’t it nice when things start to work out and the work pays off?

This was something I set as a goal at the start of the year so I was delighted to hear I had been selected as a Brand Ambassador for Pactimo!


I either wanted some sort of sponsorship or a Brand Ambassador role. I worked hard and put the time in to get my social media following up and reading up on things you can do to increase your following and also how to increase traffic on ths blog, having a good understanding of Digital Marketing I was able to put these practices into use too.

Anyway I saw the advert for this role because it came up as sponsored Instagram post. I had a look at their products which I took a quick liking to and I had a read of their blog (Stories section) and I liked what they posted on there also.
I applied for the post anyway and I got excited filling the form in, especially the “What do you like about cycling” question. I was hoping my passion for cycling to come across here!

Then last week I got two emails from them. One announcing that the Ambassadors have been selected and another to tell me that I have been selected – So I already knew I had been selected before looking which kinda took the excitement away, ha! But of course I was stoaked to be chosen and took great pride in seeing myself up there with the others.

Like with any Ambassador role it’s not about being the best there is or the quickest its about being passionate about what you’re doing and spreading the love for the brand across social media and to your riding buddies.
I’ve seen plenty of roles like this come up on Instagram and Twitter and I haven’t applied for them because I didn’t like what I could see and I knew I wouldn’t be able to speak about them with enthusiasm but with Pactimo I can so I am really excited to be apart of this!


We got told we would be getting a specific Brand Ambassador kit which looks awesome and I can’t wait to rep, plus getting invited to a Facebook page with the other people who have been selected. To see their reaction and excitement was really contagious too.
We had a Facebook live stream with Pactimo too and it was great to see them really interacting with us and giving us more insight to the company background and what they want us to do for them.

It’s highly motivating for me from a cycling point of view but also to post about it and be much more active on social media. So here’s to a good year with Pactimo and the other Brand Ambassadors!

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