I met Steve Cummings!

By  March 21, 2016

I had a nice little added bonus to my Sunday ride this weekend, if you haven’t guessed it already it was the pleasure of meeting Steve Cummings.
Like Steve, I’m from the Wirral too so I guess I was bound to bump into him at some point but I didn’t think it would be the day after he rode Milan-San Remo.

I had a bit planned for this Sunday’s ride as it was. I was meeting a friend to go on a ride with early morning to get some miles in before meeting another group of cyclist’s riding from Southport as I know one of their riders. We had planned to meet at Eureka cycling cafe at about 11. The first part of the ride we ended up going for a little stop in Hawarden airport were we ended up bumping into riders from our club so we planned to do the homeward journey with them once we set off after a coffee. It was less then 10 miles before my next cafe stop where I was to meet the other group so I just took it easy.

I got to Eureka and ordered another drink and as I was about to sit down I saw a guy walk past the window in a full Dimension Data kit with the same sort of beard as Steve. I instantly thought could this be Steve? but said to myself “It can’t be, the guy rode 200 miles in Italy yesterday”. Seconds later the door opens and it’s him, Steve Cummings walks through the door.

He walks right behind me to get served and I just hadn’t a clue what to do. I mean I really want a picture with him but I don’t want to disturb him. I thought the chances of this happening again are quite slim so what the heck I sheepishly walked to the side of him and asked “Hi Steve, do you mind if i have a picture with you?” and he was more than happy to. Before getting a picture I started conversation with him, I congratulated him on his stage win at Tirreno–Adriatico just a week ago and mentioned what an attack it was. I then mentioned about Milan-San Remo in which he competed in the day before. i said “I’m surprised to see you here, you did 200 miles in Italy yesterday and already back out”. He laughed and said “I was back at around 3am last night and just headed out for a ride”. The pro’s certainly don’t wait around! It was jsut after 11 I saw him he hadn’t even been home 8 hours and he’s back out on the bike after the ride yesterday. That my friends is dedication.

I left him in peace and went to look at my pictures I got and my sunglasses where sitting badly in my helmet and I thought I just can’t post that, so I thought I’d quickly catch him again when he’s about to leave.
When he was pulling his bike off the rack I said “Sorry, me again – do you mind getting another picture?” again, he was quite happy to.

Since moving to Dimension Data last year (formerly knows as MTN Qhubeka) he has seen plenty of success, most specifically the stage 14 of the Tour de France. Video below to remind you of it and watch one of the best finishes of the year. I get goose bumps watching it, or at least I did live when the commentary was better than that of the video. To see a local guy do it on the biggest stage is great to watch.

Thanks again Steve, it was an absolute pleasure and best of luck for the season!