It’s not about going fast. It’s about going far.

By  November 7, 2017

To me, this sums up my cycling 100%.

I’m not into going out for a few hours on a weekend and smashing it to be home by mid-day. Fuck no. I love cycling, I like to explore places and see new things and doing so by bike is the best way to achieve this and really take it in. Not by sitting in behind someone’s wheel blowing out my arse.

I’d rather take a step back, turn the pedals and just enjoy it and to make a day of it, if I enjoy it why would I only want to go out for a couple of hours? Lets make it 10!



I’d so much rather come back from a ride with 100 miles plus on my Garmin than a 17mph+ average, that just doesn’t excite me. Of course it’s each to their own.

I like to take pictures on my rides too, so if that means pulling over and stopping to get the shot then so be it. I like to look back on my rides and see what I’ve taken and where I’ve gone so I can share my adventures on Instagram. It’s nice to keep all the rides I’ve done in one place.


I feel like I’ve had a good year in terms on long rides. So far I’ve had 7 century rides and did get my longest ride with 117 miles so it’s been good on that front. I’d love to have got 10 in and there’s still time but I can’t see it happening. Always next year!

But I’ve still done longer rides which aren’t 100 too and I’m somehow on 5000 miles for the year. My goal was 6000 and weather dependent I can get it but if not 5500 will be nice.


Favourite ride? 

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Mallorca twice this year as well for some great riding but one ride this year sticks out by a mile (see what I did there? Ha!). My favourite ride this year easily was to Tatton Park. I don’t know why I liked it so much, the route is good but it’s wasn’t my longest ride or the hilliest, maybe that’s why I liked it! It was long but not too tough so we could all enjoy it more. Plus it was on nice quiet Cheshire lane and I just remember it being quite a funny day.


With saying this I still feel like I’ve lost my mojo a little bit.
It may have been because we had a shit summer and there wasn’t really many nice consecutive days but I don’t feel like I’ve been that active in the week. Twice at a push and then I’ve just played catch-up with longer rides on weekends. Last year I can remember I was looking to go out most evenings and going out straight after work but the motivation doesn’t seem to be there.


Summers now a distant memory and winter is closing in. That means shorter rides sadly but I’m going to try and make the most of some days if the weather allows. There’s something I love about going out in winter all wrapped up and going for a ride, I’m weird like that. It’s somewhat satisfying knowing people tend to miss the rides due to the weather and you’re still out there pedaling away.