Mallorca 2017

By  May 15, 2017

This was the third annual visit to Mallorca for me and like always it was just awesome, but when you’re doing something you love all day…every day, it’s never going to be all that bad, is it?

The stats!

Riding days: 6
KM: 500km

Climbed: 23,000ft
Bike: Trek Domane
Punctures: 0
Ice creams: lost count
pain au chocolat’s: 6
Ride bars: 10
Beers: 20+
Bike Computer: Garmin

There’s said to be 180,000 cyclist who head out to Mallorca each year so there’s obviously something about it and it definitely caters for cyclists brilliantly.
You’ve got everything you could want as a cyclist out there. Nice climbs, scenery and good cafes every where! There’s also plenty of places to hire bikes out there ranging from average road bikes up to Dura Ace Di2 Dogma’s from Pinarello, which will cost you more than your holiday for the week. But still, the option is there!

The weather definitely makes things better too, we tend to go early may so you’re looking at anywhere in the 20’s for temperature which is ideal as it’s not too warm but the mornings can be chilly.

We stay in Puerto Pollensa which is right on the beach and down on the front has plenty of bars and restaurants so you’re never too far away from somewhere if you want to go out in the evening. They also have plenty of good ice cream shops and ice cream is life.

How did I get on?
Ha! Well not as good as I hoped but still good. I’d done nowhere near enough training in the run up to it so I said I was just going to enjoy it rather than go for it, so I’d already accepted I wasn’t getting any PBs. Just another reason to go back again I guess.

You can never take it easy on Sa Calobra mind. It’s 10k with an average of 7% so it’s always going to be some grind! I really struggled up this more than I thought especially in the steeper sections and I was never able to get into any sort of rhythm, I was happy to see the top! If it wasn’t for the red Hot Chili Peppers belting down my ears it would have been a whole lot worse.
It took me about an 1hr07 to get up when my PB is 58 minutes so I was a bit off but I got to spend more time on what is possible the best road I’ve ever ridden.

Now for the Puig
14k with an average of 6% it’s a lot longer than Sa Calobra and you really notice the 1% difference as this doesn’t kick up it is very true to the gradient throughout and as such you’re able to get into a nice rhythm. At the half way point I really thought I got into a nice rhythm and I felt like I was really going for it. The climb is nice but there’s not much to see on it so it makes it drag on a bit but when you get to the top there is a great viewing point which you’d expect when you’re nearly at the highest point on the island.
My time was a little over 1hr25 for this which is about 8 or 9 minutes off my PB too but I actually enjoyed going up this.

If you’re thinking of going:

Bike Hire: Pro Cycle Hire, Rent March, Max Huerzeler
Hotel: Fegus Hotel, Duva Apartments

Must do’s:
Sa Colabra
Puig Major
Cap Formentor
Coach trip (Andratx back to PP)
Go to Tolos for the experience – part owned by Wiggo so it’s popular among the cyclists!

Anyway, Ill just let the pictures do the talking

                                 Cap Formentor







Sa Calobra, Puig & Sa Bataia