Review: Giant Propel Advanced 1

By  January 21, 2016

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Overall 8 / 10
Review: Giant Propel Advanced 1
January 21, 2016

So, as a cyclist there aren’t many things which can top this day. Not even Christmas.
Except this time it wasn’t an optional new bike even if ‘N+1’ is anything to go by. No, this was a mandatory new bike day as a result of a bike being stolen.

Anyhow, the bike: Giant Propel Advanced 1.

So far, i love it. It feels just like my TCR which was a joy but it has a much more aerodynamic frame and a slightly more aggressive position but this feels somewhat better. I think this is because i downsized in bike frames, i’ve gone from a medium to a small following the bike shops suggestions. I mean, they know what they’re doing so what the heck, just agree with them.

Riding on a TCR too big has got me use to the position so all is well with that. Everything on the bike at the minute is standard, i’ll replace things as i go along when i figure out the things i don’t like with it. It came with the new Ultegra so there will be no need for that to be changed for the foreseeable future. I know the first things to be changed are the tyres and the wheels. I don’t get on with Giant’s house wheels but with that being said, these are their performance wheels not just their standard stock wheels and so far they feel brilliant. They roll really nice and accelerate quick but my main concern is their durability. Lastly, the saddle isn’t bad but it’s not great either so that will be gone but i’m in no rush to see it gone.


Riding the thing!

From its looks you can see that the Advanced is going to be a fast bike in a straight line. On the road you only have to start throwing it around corners to be reminded of that racing pedigree — the lower you get the better it turns. Riding hard brings out the best of the Propel — give it some welly and the better it gets. It’s definitely an exciting bike.

I like to sprint and its something i continue to work on so with the bike being one of the stiffest out there you can be sure that every bit of power you can produce is going directly to the back wheel – Just what a sprinter wants.