By  August 30, 2016

In life, not everything is plain sailing and as the title suggests, there’s been a setback. Although I’m desperate to get back out to go on the bike I’m not that frustrated about the whole thing. All smiles here!

Mainly because this one is on me I guess, certainly not by a car driver anyway like the past. This time it was playing football like I do every Friday night and I went to save a shot and basically I must have positioned my hand in a bad way and as soon as the ball hit my hand I knew I broke my wrist since I’ve done it in the same way before. The first thing which came to my mind when it happened was “sh!t! How long am I going to be off the bike for?!”.

Good ol’ A&E

I went to A&E after football to get something to start mending it as quickly as possible and they gave me a splint to stop any movement and to come back for an X-ray in the morning, although they did tell me it was broke at the time, an X-ray was needed to see exactly what has happened.

Last time I broke my wrist I was in a cast for 2 weeks so I thought it would be around the same and I wouldn’t  have been too bothered if it was the same. How wrong could I be?
After my having my X-ray my wrist was broken in 3 places, one of them being pretty bad they said I’ll be in a cast for 6 weeks at least.
They threw some knock off cast on known as a “backslab”, it’s just a rock hard cast only on the top side of my arm and then wrapped up so it’s quite soft underneath. This was just a temporary thing until I get booked in for a fracture clinic appointment but that wasn’t until 2 weeks.

I got to the fracture clinic and had another X-ray. There was improvement but as 2 of the breaks were doing good and if it were just them, I could have got away without a new cast and had a splint but since one of the breaks was still pretty bad I got a new cast put on for the next 4 weeks. I was told this from the day I broke it so I wasn’t surprised.

Could be worse

Last time I had an injury I had a cycling holiday I was training for so this did annoy me and I felt pressured to ride but this time I don’t have anything planned to train for so that makes things easier to take some time off but it would still be nice to get out on the roads, especially as the sun has come out to play!

This happened just after Ride London and I was going to have a week off after that, my legs were battered and I wasn’t enjoying riding as much but I think I’ve got more than I bargained for, I’ve got 6!

I couldn’t not cycle for 6 weeks, no way. I set my bike up on the turbo and I do 30-44 minutes 3-4 times a week just to keep the legs spinning and if it’s really nice out I will go for a ride on the prom to stay away from the roads were I can get away with riding with one hand. The most I can manage at the minute is about 10 miles, things get really difficult and painful so I’m limited for now.
After 4 weeks on the turbo I’m really starting to hate it, I never use to like them anyway and I would always would ride on the road when I had the choice but now it’s a little different. It was a nice altenrative at first and it’s good it’s there but boy are they boring!

Thinking about that return

I’ve been in a cast for 4 weeks now so I only have 2 more to go and it can’t come quick enough.
The downside is that my bright evenings rides are over for this year, so I’m going to have to leave the house with all my lights on the bike and get ready for the dark evenings but that’s not going to stop me at the minute.
Winter kit is probably going to be on the agenda too so that’s something to look forward to and also get the winter bike ready.

I’m hoping to get straight back into the swings of things quickly, I think after a week I should be okay for shorter rides as I’m keeping on the turbo but as it’ll be mid September when I’m next out, that’s if my wrist isn’t still too sore/stiff. I do want to get at least another century ride in, maybe two before winter finally hits us.

I guess it’s just a waiting game now and see how things go.