By  October 30, 2016

Bored of your bike? Want to add some life into it? is a quick as easy way to do this.
Please note, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just loved to product!

We all know new kit/parts is the best motivation to get us out on the bike and that’s what has done for me.

Firstly what is

If you haven’t guessed already it’s spray paint but it’s made for bikes…almost. You can of course use it on any raw metal but it will also adhere to a painted or high glossy surface with minimal prep. YOu literally just need to give it a quick once over with sand paper to give the paint something to bite to, then you are good to go.

What made me spray

I was getting bored of my cyclocross bike because it wasn’t a joy to ride anymore, albeit it did need a new bottom bracket and brakes and this would have made it run all smooth again but it had also start to fall out of favour so I figured it needed something more to get me loving it again.
I had heard of Spray.Bike before but hadn’t seen any proper reviews of it so I was looking at proper spray paint but with that, I couldn’t be bothered prepping it.

I figured I will just go for Spray.Bike and if it didn’t work well take it to a finishing place who will strip it and paint it for me. But let’s start with Spray.Bike first.

The bike was being stripped down anyway to get some new parts on it so now was the best time to spray it.
The hard part was deciding on a pattern, I already new I was going to go with a light blue and white but your imagination is the limit when it comes to using Spray.Bike.

I was looking at “custom frame colours” on google for inspiration and also did some drawings. I saw a classic Ritte frame which i really liked the design of so I thought I would go with this pattern in my colours at it was a simple enough design.

How I got on

At first I sprayed part of a really old bike I had lying around the house just to get a feel for it and I was impressed with the finish so  went ahead with mine.

With the frame on the stand ready to go I started with the forks just in case for whatever reason I changed my mind.
The colour flew on and I really enjoyed doing it. Whilst letting the forks dry I went straight onto doing the frame. Since this was just doing the base colour of blue I didn’t need to be careful so I just went at it was covered.
The paint takes about 10 minutes to touch dry, 2 hours to be almost completely dry. But they say leave it 12 hours if you are going to be building the bike back up.
I did the second coat of the forks with the blue and they were done, I was made up with the colour and finish, it was almost a Matte finish. I then went back to give the frame a second coat of paint.

I left the bike for the night  to see how it had settled over night. A bit powdery in part but you can quite easily rub this off with sand paper but you need to be careful you don’t get more than you want off.
I did a quick touch up in a few areas then started to apply the masking tape to cover the blue where I wanted to add the White.


How was the paint.

In a nutshell, brilliantly.
As seen from the pictures above it was going onto a black bike and you can’t see any sign of that.
I did two coats of both paint colours. Whilst I was left with plenty of White paint as it was only a small area I was using this for, the Blue is completely empty but it did two coats and a few touch ups.

You need to use the spray within 5-12cm of the bike, any closer it will be quite runny and any further the bike will have turned to power and will not had adhered to the frame at all.
I could see some areas it had ran a bit but that was easy enough to sort.

The paint almost seems delicate when on the bike and it will scratch off super easily so be carefully when moving the bike around.
Of course if it was left like this when using your bike the paint wont last long, when putting your bike up and down or even locking it up it will flake off.
Spray.Bike do have a Transparent finish to add that protecting layer, it’s the same size and price as the paint.

For this you do need to use spray about 30cm away from the bike and also keep your hand moving at all times. I just sprayed until the can was empty to apply as much as I can and it’s definitely added that protected layer.


With the tranparent finish on it was job done. I really like it. The finish of the paint is quality and it looks almost (in my eyes…probably not) a professional job. Almost being the keyword.
But seriously it looks good especially for someone who is completely hopeless with anything DIY related so from that perspective it’s done well. It shows just how easy it is to use.

FullSizeRender (3)

Each can costs just under £8, I bought 3 cans (2 colours and a transparent finish) so it cost less than £25 to respray my whole bike and make it look unique in my own design and also make me love the bike again.
If you take your bike in to get it professionally done, I know 1 colour will set you back about £100, I’d hate to think what 2 colours would cost.


You can buy Spray.Bike from Brick Lane Bikes

P.S I could have just replaced the parts and got a service and I would have liked the bike again, but that’s not the point.