Remember when Sundays were for hangovers?

By  February 7, 2016

Once upon a time Sundays used to be a dedicated day for hangovers and hangovers only. However, this isn’t the case as such any more.
Most 21 year olds are going out to town with their mates on a Saturday night and getting home early hours Sunday morning to then spend the whole day in bed, this just doesn’t interest me.
Just as people are coming home from a night out – i’m gearing up to hit the roads!
My ideal Saturday night now is go out for a couple of pints at most and be home by 10pm so i’m fresh for a ride Sunday – Wild, huh?

Ever since my first Sunday morning club ride my priorities changed completely. Everything now comes second to the bike and it’s as simple as that. I used to play my guitar every day and i think i’ve played it three times in since i started cycling two years ago.
Cycling has now taken a priority with my money too. I don’t even buy nice things for myself any more, not even clothes. It’s all just bike stuff now, components, accessories and then the cycling clothing and lots of it, this is where the majority of my money goes. Damn you Wiggle and Rapha! You can never have too many jerseys though?

My sundays now consist of getting up at 7am at the absolute latest, meeting the group at 8 and then heading for a ride to a planned cafe to grab some breakfast, coffee and cake. And you know what, i wouldn’t change it for the world!