What i learnt from 2015

By  January 22, 2016

So after my first full year of riding I learnt quite a lot about what it takes to be a cyclist – some the hard way and some the fun way but both valuable lessons…and here they are.

Always check the weather forecast.
Yes, do. In England you can get deceivingly blue skies, it looks like it may be warm so you go a layer less only for it to actually be really really cold. I can live with my core being cold but my hands? Definitely not. Descending quickly with numb hands is not cool, you can’t feel yourself squeezing the brakes! Also, check it for rain. Going out without a rain cape stuffed in your jersey pocket only for there to be downpour is disheartening to say the least.

Hills do not get easier.
No they don’t. No matter how much you do them or how much you push it will not get easier you will however only get quicker as Eddy Merckx, a chap who knows a little bit about cycling once said.

Cycling is never not fun.
It is literally impossible to not have fun when on two wheels. There may be some serious tough moments out on a ride where you have wanted to give up and you’ve felt sick, you could be out in horrible conditions but no matter what, the second you get off the bike after a ride you cannot stop smiling.

Its a cost that never ends.
When i first got into cycling i thought this would be a nice cheap hobby and boy was i wrong. The cost does simply never end. You can never have too many bikes so your always on the look for one. There’s always new gear coming out for each specific season and no matter how good your bike is, you can still upgrade or change something about it. With this being said, it’s worth every penny.

The people you meet through it are great.
I’ve met people through cycling that I’d never thought I’d meet or be speaking to. There are some people that i have met who are older than me and have completely different interests to me but the thing which brings us together is our love for cycling, and when riding together the conversation doesn’t stop. It’s weird to think that if i didn’t cycle i wouldn’t have met so many genuine people who i now call friends.