By  October 27, 2017

24Bottles is an Italian born company started in 2013 with one mission in mind; unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a collection of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel solutions for daily hydration on the go.

As you’d expect from any Italian company, a unique and eye catching design is high on the priority and I really like the looks of their products. A huge range of colours, nice bags and quirky wine racks for a bike frame to store their bottles.


There’s only so much you can write about a bottle – does it dispense water? Yes. Great.

A steel frame definitely gives it some sturdiness to it and it also helps keeps the fluid inside pretty cool. I can imagine this being great in the summer but with temperatures close to 0 degrees at the minute it isn’t entirely welcomed.

I chose my 24Bottle in “lagoon blue” to match my bike and mounted it with the Wine Rack which comes separately. It looks cool and a bit retro, perfect if you’re just going for a light spin or even a commute if you don’t have any bottle racks already mounted.
I had mine mounted to the top tube and I thought that it did hold the bottle in well, however, I went over a series of rough patched on a main road and the bottle came flying out so I had to pull over and wait for the road to clear up to fetch my bottle.
The bottle did take a bit of a beating and was left with some dint’s and with the colour scratched off in some placed but it’s still usable.


I do really like the bottle though and it can be used away from the bike too. I cycled to work with it in and then used it for the rest of the day in work, and then again for the bike home. With it being made from steel you would expect it to be on the heavy side but it’s actually surprisingly light.

You can buy direct from the 24Bottle shop. They aren’t cheap though especially for a water bottle. around £17 for a 500ml bottle and £21 for a litre bottle. With a steel structure these will last for ages and are also very easy to clean.

When using this on the bike one thing which I found to be particularly annoying was the fact you can’t really drink this on the go as it doesn’t have a lid you can take a sip through, it’s a closed lid which takes two hands to unscrew. So if you’re wanting a drink on a ride you will probably need to pull over, but they do a dispenser lid which is sold separately.

I’ll definitely stick to using this on my commutes though and also away from the bike as a general bottle either in work or when out on a walk.
It definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


Go check 24Bottles out here, they do bags which look perfect for commuting with or even for just carrying goods in.

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