BioSynergy product review

By  January 11, 2016

Bio-Synergy were kind enough to send me a couple of their products to test out and to help with my training through the winter. The products which i received were from their ActiVeman range, Energy Charge pre workout and Oatein.

Being an active cyclist i would sit under the Endurance Athlete category and i put these products through their paces when going for the Rapha Festive 500 (500km in 8 days, Christmas eve – New Years Eve). Anyway, here’s what i think of them.

ActiVeman Energy Charge


Overall this was great and as a pre workout drink i seriously cannot fault it. Bio-Synergy say “Energy Charge is high performance pre workout designed for endurance athletes who want to Power Up their training” and this is exactly what it does. The longest ride i did when using this was about 75 miles with lots of hills (3500ft of climbing) and i definitely felt the benefit from the Energy Charge because of the specific ingredients which go into it. I was riding at my normal pace but i just felt that little bit stronger throughout, noticeable less muscle fatigue and i felt more comfortable finishing the ride – quite often from a tough ride i’m counting down the last 5 miles when struggling to turn the pedals.

Here are what the key ingredients Energy Charge contains:

  • Blend of Agave, fructose and maltodextrin to provide immediate and sustained energy
  • AAKG to increase nitric oxide levels to improve muscle protein synthesis allowing you to train harder and gain strength
  • Creatine for explosive energy and muscle recovery
  • Copper for healthy metabolism and immune system

Quite a lot packed into each small serving!

I was using the Raspberry flavour but it comes in Orange as well and i thought this was nice, a bit sweet but far better than any other pre workout i have tasted. It did take a couple of goes to get the water levels right to get the best taste from it but i found a little more than 300ml if water to be the nicest. Bio-Synergy recommend 250ml – 250ml with a 10g serving.

One of the things i liked about this was there is no delay in feeling the effects, you can drink this and go straight out the door and train, food based supplements can take at least half an hour before you feel anything from them. This is a massive positive if you find yourself rushed for time in the morning.

I would score this highly with a 9/10. The pre workout comes in a 400g tub for £34.99 which you will get 40 servings from and you can buy or read more about ActiVeman Energy Charge on their website.

ActiVeman Oatein


I’ve never tried anything like this before so i was unsure what to expect but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Oatein has been designed for a high protein/low fat breakfast which is handy to have before exercise or even just a morning boost and a healthy way to start the day, Whichever takes your fancy.

When it comes to serving this there are so many different ways you can have it. You can have it thrown in with Yogurt and fruit, as part of a smoothie, added to your protein shake and even in pancake mixture for a protein pancake.

I had mine the way suggested on the tin at first – mixed with 300ml semi skimmed milk. It’s unflavoured so you only really get the milk taste and some oats too but i drink milk regularly on its own so this was more than fine. I had this first thing in the morning on the way to the gym and it filled me up enough so i didn’t feel empty and not too much so it wasn’t sitting heavy in my stomach – perfect for before exercise.

I also had this mixed with my Peanut Butter protein as a post workout shake after a high intensity training ride and this is where i found i got the best out of this. A 40g serving mixed with milk has just over 20g of protein so it’s not enough to have solely as a protein shake but added with a protein shake you get plenty of protein and this really does fill you up which is what i want after a long training session. The best thing about this was it recharged my energy levels so i wasn’t exhausted for the rest of the day like i can be.

Bio-Synergy say this is a blend of high quality oats and whey protein and each serving is packed with slow release energy and protein to maintain energy levels, keep hunger at bay and also refuel muscles. So this is definitely best suited to start your day but has its uses elsewhere like a post workout snack – pretty versatile!

Overall this is a really good product and can be used when and how it suits you. I’d give this a 7.5/10. Oatein comes in a 400g tub for £19.99 which will get you 10 servings, a little bit pricey but if you are going to be using this as a breakfast then it’s good value.

You can buy or read more about ActiVeman Oatein on their website.