Capsul Case

By  September 13, 2016

Capsul Case

A few weeks back Capsul sent me a couple of their ‘wallets’. I say ‘wallet’ because I’m not sure exactly what it is – it’s just a small plastic box used to chuck items into it to keep things all in one place in your pocket. But it’s great for keeping things organised.

So far I began to use my Capsul case on commutes and it was perfect. It fits my office fob, house keys (just) and my bank card all nicely. A set of keys isn’t the best thing to put into it as they don’t really fit and it leaves the wallet a bit open in some places. I am confident in saying t it’s not going to break or anything but with the gaps it leaves it will of course let a bit of water in eventually.

I did manage to use this on one long ride which was the Ride London 100 and it was never a problem. I never felt it pressing against my back causing it to get sweaty like I have experienced with other wallets.

Previously I used a headphone pouch to throw my stuff in. It does fit a bit more than the Capsul case but it’s not waterproof. So if it’s raining or my jersey gets sweaty my notes usually get quite damp as well as my card. Since the Capsul case keeps the rain out I prefer this, but it also looks better and matches my helmet when in the cafe.

The Capsul case is a bit noisy though when it has some coins in as they do rattle around if you’re out the saddle or going over some bumps. I think it would be great if it was a little bigger, or even if they started to do one in another size just because it is a bit limited in what you can put in it. However, in regards of fitting the essentials in – it’s brilliant.

“You didn’t know you needed Capsul Case until you used one”

I do think that it is a great product and is super handy. I saw a caption on one of their Instagram pictures which was something like “You didn’t know you needed Capsul Case until you used one” and that’s what I think fits the bill perfectly. The case is so small and light so it fits into your pocket comfortably and also when in jeans it is fine because of its rounded edge shape.
It’s a super sturdy design too, I never feel like it’s going to come undone, break if I drop it or let rain in.

Capsul Case are also going to be adding RFID protection to their cases. This is to stop certain electronic pickpocketing (mainly with contactless cards). The concern is that bank cards, passports and driving licenses now come with radio frequency identification chips. This will be a great feature to the Capsul Case.

What I’ve put into my Capsul Case so far:

  • Bank Cards, notes & coins.
    House key

It would also be great for pain killers and perhaps even things like memory cards if you like to take some pictures out on rides.

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