Review: Etixx Revovery Shake

By  February 16, 2016

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Taste 9 / 10
Effectiveness 9.5 / 10
Bang for buck 9 / 10
Review: Etixx Revovery Shake
February 16, 2016

I’ve been trialling the Etixx Recovery shake for the past couple of weeks and i’m quite glad i have, it’s brilliant.

Etixx sponsor the Quick Step pro team and are one of the giants of cycling, they have so much dominance in the sport targeting individual stage wins and what a job they do. I’m sure there’s way more to come with the introduction of the legendary Marcel Kittel joining them for this new season, already winning the Tour of Dubai. Anyway, enough of my man crush on Marcel.

Etixx certainly know just as much as they do about winning as they do on nutrition products. Afterall the finest athletes in the world (and me) are using their stuff, so they’re doing something right.

This recovery shake is ideal for use after a long hard training sessions, i’d go by anything more than 50 miles since it is designed to replenish and restore the bodies nutrients after exerting it out on the roads.

What’s inside the Recovery shake?
It’s a rich mix of whey protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals and creatine. It contains 9 grams of protein, not enough to be used solely as a protein shake but this isn’t its intention. It has everything you need to make you feel good after a tough training ride.


I found this to be super easy to digest and quick to whip up after a ride. There’s no way i can eat something properly straight after a ride so this is ideal.
I’ve been having this in the Raspberry & Kiwi flavour, it’s not a usual mix by any means but it does taste good – especially with milk.
I have been having this out of 50g sachets so i only need to pour it into the liquid and shake. It dissolves effortlessly in milk with a little shake and doesn’t feel quite lumpy making it easier to digest.

It’s not that i struggle to fuel on rides its more that i forget to so by the time i get home i usually feel more drained than i should but as long as i have this quickly after getting home i can go about my day feeling somewhat fresh after a ride. Usually after doing 100 miles that’ll quite easily be the end of my day and i’ll end up falling asleep on the couch! Since using this though, not only have i been able to avoid having a nap I’ve also been able to get stuff done, like write this post.

Get online and buy it on the Etixx website, that’s mainly what i have to say. The good thing is you can try before you buy, sort of. You can buy 50g sachets at £2.99 rather than having to buy a large tub of it to find out you either don’t like it or it doesn’t do it for you.
It contributes to muscle mass growth but more so maintains normal muscle and spurs some life back into you after a ride.