Isadore Apparel – Bib shorts review

By  May 20, 2016

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Overall 8 / 10
Isadore Apparel – Bib shorts review
May 20, 2016
These are a cracking pair of bibs. They look very plain but they perform well, very comfy and well priced.

The bib shorts from Isadore are designed with all day comfort in mind to keep you comfortable for those longer days in the saddle and also those high tempo training sessions. 

As mentioned in my review of their long sleeve jersey, again it’s not just the quality of the bibs itself but also how it’s packaged. Their products come in a really stylish box which just shows how much attention they have put into the brand. Before i’d even tried the bibs i could tell i was going to be impressed simply based on first impressions.


These shorts have definitely been put through their paces. They’ve been worn through various types of rides, cafe rides in the cold British weather and also the Spanish sun in mountains of Mallorca. Not only a diverse range of the types of ride but also the heat, which can be a big difference.


In both conditions they still remained as comfy the minute i put them on. The first day i used these in Mallorca was a day of unpredictability and also huge difference in the weather. It was cold and raining and i didn’t have any tights or leg warmers with me so i chose the thickest shorts i had packed which were these. When it was cold and raining, although they completely absorbed the rain and i was soaking they kept my upper legs relatively warm. They do no claim to be thermal, but they do offer thermal shorts so this was quite  a nice surprise.
About 15 miles into this ride the rain stopped and the sun started to come out, by 20 miles it was pure sun, warmth and blue skies and was mid 20 degrees! The shorts dried so quick and with the heat i didn’t find them to be too warm or in any discomfort what so ever.

This is largely helped by the material Isadore use for these shorts. The fabrics have given what is known as the “Coldblack” treatment. Fabrics with this treatment are 9ºC cooler than non-treated black fabrics, and measure just as cool as a light-coloured material

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The shorts are very plain. They’re all black and have a very subtle ‘Isadore’ logo on each sides in a glossy black, it’s barely visible from taking a glance at the shorts. Some people like plain kit, some people like to have a but more colour to their kit so it comes down to personal preference but at least with plain black they are going to match any jersey!


The important stuff

How did these shorts perform? Overall, very well.
When i was opening and having a feel of the shorts the first thing which i did notice is the leg grippers looked very minimal, there wasn’t much too them in the shorts so i didn’t think they were going to hold well which for me is a big factor.
However, they did grip better than i thought they would but there was still a little movement with them and on top of that maybe a touch uncomfortable in that area.

This is because you soon forget about the gripper issue when riding because of how comfortable the chamois is. The chamois Isadore have chosen is ‘TMF’ chamois from Italy, Isadore say ” This revolutionary chamois replaces multi-layer foams with Airmesh, 100% recyclable material, making it the world’s first totally ecological chamois.”
What ever you want to call it or label it, it certainly does it’s job well.


The shorts although not super thing they are reasonably lightweight which for all you climbers out there will be glad to hear.
The actual bibs are really soft on the skin and quite wide which distributes the pressure nicely on your shoulders.

Price – These are priced on the Isadore website at €129, which is £100 and is how much you can buy them for off Wiggle.
The bibs aren’t ‘cheap’ as such, and good. They’re not marketed or intended to be. They are meant to performance short with high quality, so with that in mind, for what you are actually getting they are incredible value for money.

You can buy the Isadore Apparel bibs from their website here.

Quality – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Comfort  – 9/10
Value – 8/10

How well did the Bibs perform?
Brilliantly. Great all rounder and covered a range of condition and temperatures and coped with them well
Was there anything which stood out with the product?
The comfort and chamois. Although the leg grippers were uncomfy at times it still wouldn’t put me off ever buying a pair of these shorts.
Did I like the product? Yes.
Would I buy the product? Yes.
Would I recommend the product? Yes.