Isadore Apparel – Long Sleeve Jersey reveiw

By  April 28, 2016
Quality 9 / 10
Performance 8 / 10
Comfort 9 / 10
Value 8 / 10
Isadore Apparel – Long Sleeve Jersey reveiw
April 28, 2016
This is a great, well thought out jersey. They have paid close attention to every aspect of it. Great for Autumn/Spring and the occasional summer evenings too so you get all year round use out of it.

This long sleeve jersey from Isadore is incredibly versatile and can definitely be used as a 3 seasons jersey, however, if you live in the UK like myself you’ll probably be able to use it during Summer too.
The jersey makes for a perfect Spring an Autumn jersey but can be used as a middle layer in Winter due to it’s warmth.

The jersey uses a very simple design with some excellent nice little touches like elbow pads and even a false pocket on the front, it just adds to the design.

It’s not just the quality of the jersey itself but also how it’s packaged. All their products come in a well packed stylish box which just shows how much attention they have put into the brand. Before i even worn the jersey i knew it was going to be good simply based on first impressions.



I’ve put this jersey through some lengthy testing and have used it on many different occasions and types of rides like all day rides, quick rides and steady casual ones. It’s great for all riding and even with the weather getting a bit warmer now it’s still really comfortable to wear because of how breathable the jersey is, I was riding solidly for a couple of hours in this jersey i didn’t overheat at all even on the climbs and the jersey still remained completely dry.

The fit of the jersey is more along the lines of a performance cut, somewhere in between a racey cut and a ‘club’ fit.


Another thing which i was impressed me with may seem not that big of a deal but it as how well the pockets hold up when they’re stuffed full. They do not sag down one little bit, i find it really irritating when the pockets sag and i’ve had that on more expensive jerseys than this one from Isadore.
There was a time i stopped of at the supermarket to stock up on some snacks to go a ride to the prom to watch the sunset and i completely stuffed the pockets even with a 500ml bottle and it still held its shape very well.

The cuffs on the jersey are really comfortable. They are not elasticated but they are quite slim to give a close fit and also so they stay in position, the material appears to be slightly thicker and softer which is what makes it so comfortable.

The jersey isn’t cheap at £100 but it’s very well made, comfortable in most conditions and and has so many fine details. Most importantly though it looks good off the bike in the cafe.

You can buy the Jersey from Isadore here


A little more from Isadore:
“The Long Sleeve Shield Jersey blends classic cycling jersey design with modern technical style, and it will make you want to go that extra mile home.

  • Full length zip and wind resistant collar
  • Side panels construction
  • Fast drying
  • Three reinforced back pockets with extra inside jersey pocket
  • Buttonhole to run headphone cables inside the jersey
  • Additional zipped pocket to keep contents dry and secure
  • Additional eyelets inside the jersey to lead headphone cables comfortably”

How well did the Jersey perform?
Very well, i used this in a range of conditions and it was comfortable in all, except in very cool conditions – although this is more my error. Below 5 degrees it is not the suitable nor intended to, simply a heads up!
Was there anything which stood out with the product?
The quality of the product. Constructed well and seems to be durable plus the pockets hold their shape well when packed.
Did I like the product? Yes.
Would I buy the product? Yes.
Would I recommend the product? Yes.