Review: Lucho Dillitos – Classic Bocadillos.

By  June 23, 2016

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Overall 6 / 10
Review: Lucho Dillitos – Classic Bocadillos.
June 23, 2016
It scores too lowly as an energy product for me but it does make up for it in taste and as a snack.

A different approach to sport nutrition. Natural Energy from Columbia (Yes it’s legal) and it’s like a bar and gel rolled into one making it one block of energy. 

For years and years the Columbian Cyclists have been stuffing bocadillo’s into their jersey pockets before they go for a ride and now thanks to Lucho Dillitos, you too can too!

When these were being delivered I was really excited about trying these out. I loved the branding of them and the uniqueness. I haven’t seen something like this before and I also wanted to see the bio friendly wrapping. I think i was already won over by them before they arrived.

I was that eager to try them that when they arrived to the office I had to try one because I had no idea what they were going to be like. Chewy? Jelly? Who knows! I did know they were a Guava flavour but that was about it.
I frantically unwrapped one of these blocks through the wrapping which is a dried leaf to taste it and it met my expectations and more for taste.

I can’t even describe the texture to be honest. It’s quite like a bar to eat but way softer so it is super easy to and as for chewing it almost melts in your mouth so there is no problem for when on the move, it’s more of a paste than anything.

So as mentioned for taste, they’re incredibly tasty and I could eat these all day probably but in terms of providing the energy needed they did lack. Excuse to have another one, right?
I didn’t feel like it put that spring in my step to go for it on a climb or a sprint but i can remember them stopping me from bonking on occasion on an evening ride where i never really fueled much prior to it.

A few things Lucho Dillitos say about the product.

Biodeggradable Leaf Wrapping

Unique leaf packaging, means you can dispose of it and leave no footprint

Natural Colombian Energy lucho2

No additives, flavourings, preservatives or fillers, just the natural goodness of Guava and sugar.

Real food for athletes.

Each block is easy to eat & digest, and is rich in carbohydrates to give you that all important energy boost.
One-year shelf life. Are small, easily stash-able in pockets, won’t melt or stick together. • Contains Vitamins A, C, potassium, sodium & fiber.

The science-y stuff.

Comparing a bocadillo to other on the go energy products such a Sis energy bar, a 40g Sis bar typically provides 29g of carbs, 12g of which is sugar.
A 40g bocadillos provides just 22.5g of carbs and 22.5g of which is sugar. So it is one big block of sugar but that is no bad thing when out on a ride as that’s what keeps the legs spinning.

Enough about the facts. As easy as they are to eat they are definitely not easy to unwrap when on the move. The wrapping/leaf doesn’t stick to the product as much as i was expecting it’s just the wrapping is folded over nice and tightly it takes a bit to have it open and available to eat. You have to completely remove all wrapping before you can eat, not open it slightly and slide it out to take a bite.
It’s not a major problem and it wouldn’t put me off buying them but hey, since it’s wrapped in a leaf it’s biodegradable and you just chuck it when finished with.

If im not going on a hard training session i wouldn’t use them for how little carbs they provide when there are alternatives which will give you that kick. However if I was on something a bit longer and steadier then I’d definitely use these to get me to the cafe.

You can buy the Bocadillos in a variety of flavours direct from their store here


All in all they are a good product. For taste they cannot be beaten but they can as an energy product quite easily, actually. As they are also something a but different to the usual and rather quirky they are a good option to buy and also if you hate putting a sticky gel or bar wrapper back in your jersey or cannot wait for the next bin then these will suit.

How well did the product perform?
Good on longer steady rides but not on quick rides.
Was there anything which stood out with the product?
The taste definitely.  It’s sweet and sugary but not sickly and has a refreshing fruity taste.
Did I like the product? Yes.
Would I buy the product? Unlikely.
Would I recommend the product? Yes.