Rapha Pro Team Bib short

By  January 21, 2016

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Great shorts but let down by their price 9 / 10
Rapha Pro Team Bib short
January 21, 2016

These shorts follow the same fit, fabric and design as the Bib shorts Team Sky wear which probably tells you they are a quality pair of shorts.

The snug fitting ensures that there is no movement with the shorts and staying in place form the moment you put them on allowing for a comfy ride. The leg grippers help hugely with this, they keep the shorts close to the skin but not enough that they start to pinch, excellent job, Rapha.

The design and look of these have some serious style to them, as you would expect from Rapha. They look as good when you’re in the saddle as they do out of it in the Cafe. I got mine with the yellow logo, but as Rapha call this colour ‘chartreuse’, but anyway, they match my club jersey.

I got the regular length in these shorts but i wish i had got the short length instead, the regulars look a bit too long on my legs. Other than that the fit is fine and the straps are not too small with a good degree of stretch. The straps are mesh which offers good breath ability and on the back of them they have a radio pocket which can also be used for iPods/MP3 players, it’s unlikely that this will be used.

The padding these shorts use are the ‘award-winning Cytech pad’. Which is a good pad but there is better out there and when spending £190 on bibs, you’d expect it to come with the best considering they are used in cheaper bibs from other brands.

I’ve had these shorts for about two months now and i’ve found the overall quality to these are great in the necessary area’s like the grippers, pads and straps but the fabric started to fray on the inner leg after about 4 rides so i sent these back to Rapha who did replace these with no fuss.

After another two weeks of riding the fabric has started to fray on the part which makes contact with the saddle on the bottom, it’s only half as bad this time so i won’t send these back just yet but it’s not what you expect. I’ve found that these shorts are good in any weather and absolutely exceptional when it comes to keeping you warm in the rain, they hold out well. In the warmth they don’t overheat or get sweaty and clammy. Rapha say they are fitted highly-technical dye that reflects the sun’s rays to keep the fabric cool against the skin, which so far they do but i’ll put this to the real test in Mallorca if they haven’t all frayed by then.

To Conclude, they are a great pair of bibs and a but like any Rapha product they’re probably a bit over priced in terms of its competitor but what you do get is style. They perform great in versatile conditions and are super comfy for high intensity training or an all day outing and slower speeds.

Would i buy another pair? Yes, but only on sale. (Which is still £150!)