Review: Etixx Isotonic Powder

By  March 17, 2016

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Overall 8 / 10
Review: Etixx Isotonic Powder
March 17, 2016
Good taste, practical and should always be added to your water.

The Etixx Isotonic powder is to be mixed with 500ml of water to get the best out of it and maintain a high level of performance.

Isotonic drinks are perfect for when riding in hot weather due to how much you tend to sweat much more, plus they’re quite refreshing!
Excess sweating can have huge affects on your performance due to loss of body fluids, this is why the Isotonic powder shouldn’t go a miss especially if you plan on riding in hot conditions!

The Isotonic powder replaces electrolytes lost in perspiration and it also provides carbohydrates to refuel muscles and it hydrates better than water does.
I thought the Isotonic powder to be strong in taste which i like and it is tasty for sure.

This comes in only an Orange flavour and it is really easy to drink – but not as easy to mix. It requires a good shake or even a stir when adding to water, always add the water first otherwise the powder will stick to the bottom and will definitely need a stir, and it’s unlikely you’ll be carrying a spoon on you if adding this when out on your ride.

Some drinks can get quite sickly and boring after a while but this stays the same throughout and very easy on the stomach for an orange drink, helped by its neutral PH.

You can get the Isotonic powder in 35g sachets or a kilo tub and can both be purchased here.
The 35g sachets are useful if you want to trail it but also if you are planning on any long rides.
You can use one sachet before you leave and throw another in your jersey pocket, they take up next to room and can easily be stored for later use when leaving the cafe.