Review: Etixx Triple Action Energy Gel

By  February 25, 2016

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Overall 7 / 10
Review: Etixx Triple Action Energy Gel
February 25, 2016
Overall a good gel. Tastes nice with a pleasant texture and a high carb per gram ratio.

The flavour of gel i had been using was peach flavour. This partuclar gel is only avaiable in this flavour. I found it to be pleasant, not too strong or sweet as similar ones but this is always ones personal preference.

I found this Gel to be quite on the liquid side of things and quite drink-like. I prefer this i don’t like terribly thick gels which feel like you need to chew a bit like the Clif gels.

Each gel contains 24g of carbs which provides 119 kcal. Depending on the type of riding you are doing either a bimble or going hard the gel should last for either an hour at lower intensity or half an hour at a higher intensity so it’s recommended to have 1 every half hour, especially on longer rides.
I’ve tested these out over multiple rides but i found it best when doing a 100 mile ride recently.
I had a decent breakfast, i say decent, it was a couple of Harsh Browns from McDonald’s which i stopped for 20 miles in. From then it was 1 Etixx gel up until the cafe at 50 miles were i then had a big lunch. Fueling for 50 miles is pretty easier it was everything after this point were it was going difficult.
I went through quite a lot of gels in the last 50 miles, after the cafe stop i was having a gel every 10 miles to keep energy levels up and in the last 50 miles i had two bars as well.
I must say, having these gels every 10 miles made me finish the ride strong. I still felt good and spinning with a high cadence right up to my door step. If it wasn’t for high winds and it being dark with no lights, i would have stayed out longer.

The gels weigh 39g and have 24g of carb, that’s a pretty carb per gram ratio and it definitely put the extra boost.
At £2.29 per gel they’re not cheap but in terms of what they’re packed with they’re probably worth it as you’re much less likely to bonk if using these regularly on a ride.

etixxcaffeinegelYou can get the same gel with caffeine in it at £2.49. These come in at 50g and with 30g of carbs, plus the caffeine they definitely pack a punch.

Both gels are super easy to open which is massively handy for when you move and the opening is also large enough to squeeze the gel out without any difficulty so you’re not struggling to get it down you and this is helped with how smooth they are.

The thing i liked most about these were how tasty they are and also how easy they are get down you with being a liquid gel. The high carb per gram is another thing i like so these are good for the longer days in the saddle or a more intense ride.